Nancy Moonstarr, PhD, is an interpersonal/relational specialist who works as a licensed psychologist in Washington, DC and also as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Maryland.  Jungian and Gestalt influences are blended into her cognitive behavioral therapy.

Nancy's experience covers many diverse populations, age groups, and life-styles in a unique psychological framework* combining over 40 years of training, education and practice.

The steps she used to overcome her extraordinary life challenges is offered to others as a three-part process to identify core strengths and true values in a co-creative, catalyzing fashion.  This allows movement beyond barriers toward personal growth in order that one’s desires, preferences and dreams may be brought into purposeful form.

Periodically, she and her sister have started offering seminars together, as they have a similar outlook in life and closeness between them.  Her favorite pastimes involve spending time with her family which encompasses her three adult children, daughter and two sons, and their families, including grandchildren.  Naturally, her sister’s family has a special place in her life whenever possible.  Lastly, she has a supportive network of friends and enjoys riding her bike in Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, Maryland.

* over a period of forty years using techniques from a variety of traditional psychological methods as well as Gestalt and Jungian influences that creates a blend of psychotherapy applied individually to support personal growth goals.

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