Access the Mystery of Mindfulness
Guide to Mindful Living Workshop Series

Nancy Moonstarr, PhD Psychologist
invites you as she facilitates the first
4 - week Workshop Series:

Introduction to Mindfulness

 Mindfulness begins a simple journey into harmony with yourself. Experience just BEing in the present moment. This process allows extraordinary depth of self-understanding.  Discover clues from your body/mind/spirit knowing for building a Mindful Self. View losses and changes, such as injuries and illness, as opportunities for self-growth. Access your own Self’s healing at its simplest.  Contribute to your own well-being by learning the subtleties of new thinking that accompanies Mindfulness.  Open to possibilities for more meaning and purpose for your life.  Experience being part of a group that builds connectedness and emotional support. We will use the presentation of new ideas, discussion, and meditation to build self-awareness.

When:  January 16, 30, February 13, 27, 2018

Time:  4pm to 5:30 pm

 Location:  Annapolis Community Acupuncture  (entrance off parking lot entry)
17 N. Southwood Ave., Annapolis, MD 21401

 Cost:  $40 a session. $125 for four sessions.  You do not need to come to each to benefit. (partial scholarships available)

RSVP appreciated, drop-ins welcome

Email to reserve your place:

Nancy Moonstarr has experienced helping others over the past 40 years, teaching people to use their own experiences and body-mind wisdom to heal, find deeper truths, and meaning for their lives. She is in private practice in both Annapolis and Washington DC.

 Recommended Texts: 1. Practicing the Power of Now: Essential Teachings, Meditations and Exercises from the Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle 2. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

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