Nancy Moonstarr, PhD Psychologist
Individual, Couples, Adolescent and Child Therapy

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Counseling targets:

  • Communication and Decision Making Skills
  • Relationships
  • Gender Affirmation and Sexual Orientation
  • Trauma and Anxiety
  • Recovery and Harm Reduction from Addictions

Dr. Moonstarr is a psychologist in private practice specializing in helping others overcome some extreme experiences. Her approach is called transformational, due to the inevitability that each of us is changing and becoming more of who we are continuously. Life is about perceptions and interpretations.  It therefore behooves each of us to use every experience to know ourself better, continuously. Instead of being overwhelmed, we can make choices to be empowered deliberately. Being conscious of your own process enhances the ability to create more of what is wanted instead of what is not wanted. This leads to attracting better luck. Additionally, healing of past issues increases clarity, which also leads to wise choices and improved attitude. Possibilities for following one’s inner desires, values and intuition override outside pressures to feel or be something we are not.  Finally, living by our highest preferences aligns with getting the best and most from life.

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