Nancy Moonstarr, PhD Psychologist
Individual, Couples and Adolescent Therapy

About Nancy:

Nancy inspires others to get to the heart of what matters in any given relationship or situation. Her gentle, direct manner guides individuals and couples to an improved, more purpose filled future. As a highly intuitive psychologist, she has enjoyed her 50-year career path of helping others not give up before overcoming extraordinary odds and creating their best life ever.

Nancy –

  • Sees problems as opportunities to transform one’s life to a more meaningful place.
  • Works well with those who are curious, desire change and wish help to access their own strengths for self-improvement.
  • Knows that each person truly desires to live in acceptance with their truths. This is also referred to as being your authentic self.
  • Rouses others to find their own answers to their deepest longings.

See below for more on Nancy’s approach as she helps others grow into their true self.

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